Boris Johnson, accused of promising tax benefits to billionaire James Dyson for manufacturing respirators




Updated on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 – 19:51

The ‘premier’ affirms before the British Parliament that he does not apologize for “doing everything possible” to “ensure that lives could be saved” during the Covid crisis

Boris Johnson in the British Parliament this Wednesday.REUTERS UK David Cameron’s ‘revolving door’ scandal splashes British conservatives UK Boris Johnson calls on the British to be “responsible” for reopening pubs and shops

“Premier” Boris Johnson has been accused of favoritism for promising tax breaks to billionaire James Dyson, the king of vacuum cleaners, to make respirators in the UK during the Coronavirus crisis. The British Government came to order 10,000 units of the so-called CoVent, designed by the company in just ten days with an initial investment of 23 million euros (although ultimately they were not necessary).

In an exchange of messages, Dyson asked the “premier” that the tax situation of its employees would not change because of the fact of working for the United Kingdom. Shortly after the consummation of Brexit, which he personally endorsed, Dyson (73 years old) caused a stir in his country by moving his and his own company to Singapore to achieve higher tax exemptions.

According to the content of the messages leaked to the British media, Johnson replied personally: “I’ll fix it. We need you. It sounds fantastic.” The “premier” later informed him that the Secretary of the Treasury, Rishi Sunak, had informed him that it could be solved.

At the Prime Minister’s question session in Parliament, Johnson responded expeditiously: “I will not ask for forgiveness for moving heaven and earth and doing everything possible that he could, as prime minister and under those circumstances, to ensure that there were respirators in this country and that lives could be saved. ”

“There is absolutely nothing to hide about all this and I am happy to share all the details with Parliament as I have done with government officials,” said Johnson, in response to requests from the opposition to make the content of his messages public.

Labor Keir Starmer took the opportunity to make a link to the recent corruption scandal starring the former prime minister. David cameron and financier Lex Greensill. Labor MP Lucy Powelly went further when it came to qualifying the direct exchange between Johnson and Dyson on the alleged tax benefits to their employees and their company: “It is incredible that a millionaire businessman can send a text message to the prime minister and get an immediate response “.

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