Borne ensures that partial unemployment will be covered 100% “as long as the crisis lasts”

“It is very clear, I really want companies to be reassured, in particular those which are closed, which have constraints related to the health situation; for all companies closed totally or partially we will take care of 100% partial activity as long as the crisis lasts “, she declared on Europe 1.

“Protect as long as it takes”

Asked about a possible “deadline”, set at “September”, Ms. Borne reaffirmed that the government “will protect the time it takes” all “activities penalized by the crisis, which are closed completely, partially or which do not fail to restart, (or those) which are not necessarily closed, such as hotels or events “.

Regarding a possible increase in the solidarity fund to avoid cascading bankruptcies, Ms. Borne felt that it was necessary “to maintain” this device “for sectors in difficulty as long as it is (it) necessary”.

Pending reforms

Asked about the pension reform, Ms. Borne deemed it necessary and should be done “in consultation”, considering that the “top priority” was to “overcome the economic crisis” linked to Covid-19 while respecting the ” dialogue with the social partners “. She was opposed at the end of November on this subject to the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, who qualified it as “absolute priority” and presented as a factor of “return to growth”.

Regarding the proposal of the Economic Analysis Council (CAE), a think tank attached to Matignon, to institutionalize the takeover of the unemployment insurance scheme by the State and to ignore the social partners, the Minister considered that it was “an opinion which binds only them”.

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