He didn’t have his best afternoon Erling Haaland in the duel that measured the Wolfsburg in front of Borussia Dortmund. In what was the second meeting of the Bundesliga After his restart, the Norwegian striker was far from showing his best level. The one who offered in front of Schalke 04 A week ago, when he scored a goal, he gave away another and participated in the other two goals.

Once again, all eyes were on him. He is the fashion forward. A player who does not stop showing the world his facility to see goal, but before the Volkswagen did not have his best afternoon. In a tremendously closed match where he caused them, they were conspicuous by their absence, the Nordic attacker could not display their full potential. The one that has captivated, among others, Real Madrid.

In fact, his chances could be counted on the fingers of one hand. In the first act he only had one, just when Guerreiro opened the scoring. Hazard assisted and Haaland was not able to intercept with a ball that ended in the boots of the Portuguese defender, who did not hesitate to define perfectly to hit the target. In the second act he led the ball well in an action that ended in nothing after Sancho was wrong. In fact, in his best action he did not touch the ball.

In Dortmund’s second goal, Achraf perfectly defined a great assist from Sancho, but Haaland, who accompanied the counter, it was capital dragging rival defenders so that the player on loan from Real Madrid could appear with the freedom from the Englishman’s back, who, he saw perfectly, and did not hesitate to give him a ball that would sentence the contest.

Against Wolfsburg he did not have his best afternoon, but the Norwegian already has his sights set on the duel next Tuesday, when Borussia Dortmund will face Bayern in a match that the Bundesliga can decide or equalize a lot.