Boudou criticized the court’s decision and promised to remain in politics

After a failure of the supreme court ratify the sentence to five years in prison that they imposed on him in the Ciccone cause, the former vice president Beloved Boudou came out this Sunday to question the court’s decision which, he said, represents “another flag of the Judiciary on democracy”, While confirming that he will not stop doing politics.

For the former Minister of Economy, the highest court chose to ignore the proposals of jurists and academics Eugenio Zaffaroni and the deceased Julio Maier, who had supported his request for review of the conviction sentence. « There is no justification or why; what the Court says is ‘we don’t want to give an opinion’; perhaps because there is no criminal lawyer in the Court; I don’t know, « he replied in a dialogue with radio Rivadavia.

Boudou charged flat against Justice. « The most discredited power of all is the Judiciary because of how a large part of judges and prosecutors have acted for decades, not now. Everything that the Judiciary does is tainted with suspicion, arbitrariness, even extortion« , Shooting.

As for the Ciccone cause – for which it was convicted of the crimes of passive bribery and negotiations incompatible with the public function and disqualified for life from holding public office-, insisted that he was involved without having « nothing to do » in what was actually « the purchase of one business group from another » and that, furthermore, the printing press « finally ended up in the hands of the State », a condition that He claimed to have always defended.

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They questioned as « discriminatory and illegal » that the sale price is not updated or the mandatory cut is complied with. And they denounce privileges for oil provinces. « This measure does nothing more than contribute to the destruction of the productive apparatus, » they criticize.

« There was a parody of an oral trial and a parody of a sentence to validate a media sentence that was already in 2012, which has to do with try to get me off the court« , he affirmed, before also questioning the length of the ruling: » When there is a 900-page sentence, it is because it cannot be explained very well. « 

Finally, Boudou assured that « in no way is it going to happen » that he retires from politics, despite the decision of Justice. « Politics is not having a public office, politics is being able to tell the truth, it is being able to say things for Argentina. This thing that politics is a game of vanities is for very few. Political construction is something else and I I will continue to think and act with the same strength and with the same joy to defend the popular cause because the world is too unequal and too unfair for one to fall for a personal issue, « he challenged.

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