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Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, receives another week a barrage of news for Spanish players and from around the world. Rockstar has opened the doors to a new round of bonuses and discounts, which this time will be dedicated to the bounty hunters. However, all players can also enjoy a series of advantages and discounts that we detail below.

Bounty Hunter Week in Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunter Week in Red Dead Online

“This week, Red Dead Online pay tribute to all hired gunmen who have helped the overwhelmed law enforcement officers to capture the most infamous fugitives from the border with or without life, “they write from Rockstar. This way, the Bounty Hunters will be able to get hold of the double role XP with all the legendary runaways this week and take double the RDO $ by famous legendary fugitives such as the dandy Gene “Beau” Finley or the deadly murderer Carmela “La Mueca” Montez. In addition, they will get 50% more RDO $ for the original 10 Legendary Fugitives.

Login Bonus


Players who log into Red Dead Online this week will receive a reward of 1000 XP from bounty hunters and 100 units of rapid replay weapon ammo for all players.


Discounts in Red Dead Online

Various discounts and offers are available for bounty hunters up to January 18– Both bounty hunter licenses cost 5 gold bars less and there are 50% off bounty hunter outfits and emotes, among other things. Then we leave you with the complete list:

5 Gold Bars Discount on Bounty Hunter License 5 Gold Bars Discount on Famous Bounty Hunter License 50% Off Bounty Hunter Outfits and Emotes 30% Off All Bounty Hunter Weapon Variants30% Off Cart Tones Bounty Hunter30% off Bounty Hunter Accessories30% off Bounty Hunter Mounts, Holsters and Left Holsters30% off Schofield Revolver, Bolt-Action Rifle, and All Replay Weapons

Prime Gaming

Red Dead Online players who link your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive these rewards:

One free bounty hunter license One ornate amethyst skin for the bounty hunter cart

Additionally, players who link their account to Prime Gaming before January 18 will receive one free skill card upgrade and 50% off in a gun guide on the fence.

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