Boxing: Mike Tyson: “Seek the KO against Jones, I am looking forward to regaining my glory”

Mike Tyson in Las Vegas. EFE

Mike Tyson has assured TMZ that he will try to knock Roy Jones Jr. out when Get in the ring on September 12 on his return to the ring because his mindset is still “seek and destroy”. The boxing legend defends itself against those who say that what they want is only to give a show but not to be a real fight.

“This is not a situation where you are going to go out and try to rip each other’s heads off. They’re just going to be moving around the ring and letting the fans see these legends“Andy Foster, executive director of the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), recently told Yahoo Sports.

After a training session in Los Angeles, Tyson was ambitious. “This is search and destroy and I am looking forward to regaining my glory”, I recognized. And when asked whether to look for the KO, he said: “If the opportunity comes, I am always looking for it.”

Tyson also responded to the boxing legend. George Foreman, who was recently concerned that they were seriously wounded in the combat on the 12th. “Don’t worry about us. [George] I wasn’t worried about getting hurt when he went on his return tour and to fight, “he added.

Foreman, don’t worry about us. “

Mike Tyson, boxing legend

Foreman retired at age 28, after 10 years, he had a legendary return at age 38. He became the heavyweight champion at 45 and finally retired definitively in 97 at 48.

Tyson says that both he and Jones know exactly what they are getting into. “We are both professionals. We know how to handle ourselves,” he said.