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Children and adolescents are very skilled at using information technology and video games, but when they become obsessed with these they can even affect family finances in order to buy or pay to continue playing, to have what they allow. succeed in the game. There is the real case of a boy who used his father’s card to buy V-Bucks that allowed him to acquire objects for Fortnite.

The joke did not end with the father’s angry reaction, as the child was punished by the parents and at the same time they tried to recover even a part of the stolen money: they put the child to sell nuts and dried meat, and they did not stay there either, because they forced him to display a poster that says; « I sell nuts and dried meat because I used my dad’s card to buy coins in Fortnite »

So the challenge that children and adolescents buy V-Bucks to play Fortnite can really have reflects that parents must be careful with their credit cards, to avoid the misuse of money. Photo: Pixabay.

This type of case can occur more often than is disclosed, the money to make those purchases is taken by the players from the credit cards or the Pay Pal accounts of their parents.

But not only that, children and teenagers use their parents’ credit cards to buy V-Bucks, the money for exclusive use in the game, which allows transforming the personality of the hero that each player has chosen. The challenge does not end there, in addition, children and adolescents are recorded on videos buying V-Bucks and then recorded again, playing again, while the furious reaction of their parents is observed in the video.

And V-Bucks aren’t cheap, with $ 10 you can buy 1,000 V-Bucks, and a full hero suit costs over 1,000 V-Bucks. As bonuses are obtained as the game money is purchased, players spend more and more, for example, with $ 25 you get 2,500 V-Bucks, but you receive 300 as a gift.

The players who do the challenge have to face the consequences and punishment of the parents when they complain about the undue expenses. Many teens are looking to earn money by generating thousands or even millions of views on their YouTube channels. This is why parents should take some precautions when it comes to money.

It is necessary for parents to take measures to prevent their children from using their credit cards without authorization. The reason is that there have been cases in which parents have been found with expenses not incurred by them, on their credit cards, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are some recommendations:

Hide credit cards, keep them out of reach of children. Configure control on consoles, cell phones, computers and tablets to prevent children or teenagers from accessing online stores. When children are young, it is better that they surf the Internet under the supervision of their parents. And take advantage of that time to make recommendations. It is the parents ‘responsibility to prevent their children from misusing their parents’ credit cards, objects, or any amount of money found in the home. Payment passwords can be activated on cell phones. Install applications to protect devices from unwanted actions, such as online purchases. Instill in your children the conscience of saving and honesty.

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