Brad Pitt and Harry Styles, together in a movie!


Great news in the world of the big screen that can cause a furor in 2021. Although there has already been much speculation that Brad Pitt and the former One Direction singer will get together to co-star in a movie, it seems that the rumors are stopped be simple gossip. The thing is serious.

According to the Vértice Cine portal, the two would come together to shoot the new film by the already prestigious film director and screenwriter Dan Gilroy, who already has such successful films as Nightcrawler (2014) and Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) in his filmography.

Few presentations are needed for Brad Pitt, one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, with stellar appearances in Seven (1995), Fight Club (1999), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) or Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (2019) ), a film, the latter, which earned him the Oscar Award for best supporting actor.

For his part, Harry Styles’ film history is limited to his appearance in Dunkirk (2017), a film by the genius filmmaker Christopher Nolan.

Faster, Cheaper, Better, the movie that would unite them

Dan Gilroy’s new film is titled Faster, Cheaper, Better and the fact that Vértice Cine, in charge of distributing the film in Europe and Latin America, has confirmed both Brad Pitt and Harry Styles as actors in the film.

As you can read on the distributor’s website, this is the synopsis of the film:

“The story is about the big and inevitable changes that are coming in the trucking industry, weighing the possibility of an industry without humans on board the vehicles.

The film spans 20 years in multiple locations with the interlocking stories of countless characters including: a union boss, a young businessman, an inland farm manager and a tech millionaire whose lives are cut short when the automation and artificial intelligence transform the world as we know it. In the end, everyone must face the meaning of being human. “

What does the director explain about the movie?

As Dan Gilroy explained to Deadline in June of this year, the film is an existentialist drama in which technology will play a fundamental role:

“Follow a group of interconnected characters dealing with automation and artificial intelligence that change their world, particularly the world of work. I’ve always been interested in machines and technology, and how recently automation and artificial intelligence are profoundly transforming workplaces. For example, right now, there are fully automated factories all over the world where robots are literally making robots to replace people in an absolutely infinite variety of jobs. “

With a clearly pessimistic tone, Gilroy considers that society is not prepared to face the change that is coming upon it:

“Not just manufacturing and production jobs. I realized when I started researching that this is just the beginning of an era of transformation that we are about to enter, where automation and AI are truly the workplace equivalent of climate change, and how fully prepared we are not as people. and as a world for what is to come. “