Brazil reached 22 thousand 13 deaths from the virus this Saturday, after registering 965 deaths during the last day

Brazil registered in the last 24 hours 16 thousand 508 new infections by coronavirus COVID-19, with which the total balance of infected rose to 347 thousand 398 and maintained it as the Second country in the world most affected by the pandemic, after the United States, which already has about 1.6 million cases.

The South American power reached 22 thousand 13 deaths from the virus this Saturday, after registering 965 deaths during the last day, according to the most recent balance disclosed by the Ministry of Health.

On the eve, Brazil surpassed Russia, which this Saturday reached 335 thousand cases, but whose case fatality rate is much lower, registering to date about 4 thousand deaths from the virus.

The epicenter of the disease in Brazil continues to be the state of Sao Paulo, the richest and most populous in the country, with some 46 million inhabitants, registering 6,445 deaths and 80,558 confirmed cases.

Behind is the state of Ceará, in the impoverished northeast of the country, with 35,122 infections and 2,308 deaths, alarming numbers for its population, estimated at some nine million people.

Rio de Janeiro is also concerned with 3,905 deaths from COVID-19, of which 248 occurred in the last 24 hours, a new record for the most emblematic state in Brazil, which already has 34,353 infected.

However, according to various studies, the actual number of cases could be up to 15 times higher due to the high underreporting in the country, which is struggling for hours to expand the capacity of the laboratories.

Indiscipline overflows

The measures adopted by regional governments are not yielding the expected results and in the metropolises that are the epicenter of the pandemic, they continue to increase.

Sao Paulo, recorded 272 new deaths in the last 24 hours and Rio de Janeiro broke daily record with 248 new deaths.

The São Paulo public health system threatens to enter into crisis and the Rio system has already collapsed.

Despite the fact that the numbers are growing, people do not want to stay at home and people on the street and without masks are more and more frequent.

In Sao Paulo, the most recent government measure to bring forward this week, three holidays from other months of the year, has not had the desired effect.

The results indicated that only 52 percent of those from São Paulo have remained at home – the expected rate was 72 percent.

In Rio de Janeiro, the situation is concentrated in its namesake capital, which has a COVID-19 case fatality rate of 12.7 percent, almost double the national average of 6.5 percent, but the city’s mayor, Marcelo Crivella, wants to start making the social isolation measures that it has implemented so far more flexible.

Although so far he has not defined anything, the burgomaster anticipated his intention after a meeting he held with the president Jair Bolsonaro in Brasilia, Thursday.

The people of Rio de Janeiro seem to want to get ahead of the announcement and since Friday they have been very active on the beaches of Barra de Tijuca, west of Rio, but also on Copacabana and Ipanema, the most iconic of the “wonderful city”.

The main example of indiscipline comes directly from Brasilia, where Bolsonaro again promoted the crowds this Saturday, during the greeting he extended to his followers at dusk, at the entrance to the Alvorada Palace, his official residence.

With information from EFE