Brazil: at least 16 dead and 27 injured after falling bus – .

In the impressive videos broadcast by the firefighters, the bus that fell over a viaduct in southeastern Brazil was totally destroyed.

Possible brake failure

A coach accident occurred this Friday near the town of Joao Monlevade, in the state of Minas Gerais in the south-east of Brazil. At least 16 people died and 27 others were injured after the vehicle fell 15 meters over an overpass. The driver of the car “lost control of the vehicle after possible brake failure “, according to preliminary findings of experts. “The driver shouted that he had no more brakes and the coach started to reverse, hitting the side protection of the bridge. “ on which it was located, specifies the press release relayed by West France.

The unlocated driver

A total of 46 passengers were on board the coach which was totally destroyed, judging from the videos broadcast by the firefighters. In details, twelve people died at the scene of the accident, three in the hospital and one on the way to the establishment, report the firefighters. Of the 27 injured, three were in serious condition. They were taken by helicopter to a hospital in Belo Horizonte, the state capital. In addition, six people managed to get out of the bus before it tipped over. Brazilian authorities are still looking for the driver who fled after the accident.

The BR-381 road, on which the accident took place, is often the scene of fatal accidents, said state governor Romeu Zema. According to the National Association of Public Transport (ANTP), the company to which the coach belongs had no authorization for the transport of passengers.

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