Brazil leads in South America

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the programs driven by this technology have served to find out the digital opinion of many of these platforms. On this occasion, an AI revealed which are the most attractive nationalities in the world and left very interesting data.

According to a report published on the website of 20 Bitthe British swimwear firm Pour Moi used the artificial intelligence of midjourney to define which are the most attractive nationalities on the planet, making the program show the faces of what is considered “attractive” in some countries.

Like the different DALL-E versions of OpenIA, Midjourney is an artificial intelligence program with which users can create images from textual descriptions.

The application has not yet been officially launched and is still in its beta phase, open to the public and to Internet users who want to try it. Midjourney rose to prominence after the British magazine The Economist used the software to make the cover of one of its June 2022 issues.

The most attractive nationalities in the world according to AI

The Pour Moi study conducted with Midjourney reveals that people from India are considered the most attractive in the world. It is followed by the United States, Sweden, Japan and Canada.





Curiously, at number six is ​​Brazil, the only country in South America that appears in this top published by the brand and for which reason Brazilians are considered by artificial intelligence to be the most handsome and beautiful on this side of the world.


The rest of the ranking is completed by France, Italy, Ukraine, Denmark and the United Kingdom. In general terms, the top has a lot of presence from European countries, but India, Japan and Brazil add an exotic touch among the world beauty according to Midjourney.





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