Brazilian cosplayer searches for the Dragon Balls as the adult version of Bulma

Bulma is known to fans of dragonball as the female protagonist of the manga – anime created by Akira Toriyama, in which she searches with Goku for the Dragon Balls, today in her hands thanks to an incredible cosplay of a model from Brazil.

It was originally published in the Shonen Jump magazine of the Japanese publisher Shueisha between 1984 and 1995. Two years after the release of the manga, Toei Animation released the anime adaptation of Dragon Ball and continued until we had Dragon Ball Z in the nineties.

Although Dragon Ball narrates the adventures of Goku, the Saiyan warrior who is an expert in martial arts and protector of the Earth, Bulma enjoys great importance and is, together with the warrior, the longest-running character in the entire series.

Bulma’s popularity has inspired thousands of fans to want to dress up as her, not only during birthday parties, costume parties or events such as anime conventions, but also to create content on social networks.

Bulma has a Dragon Ball in this cosplay

According to a report published on the website of Spaghetti Codethe Brazilian cosplayer mayabriefsbbetter known on social networks as May and who has more than 28,000 followers on Instagram, made this sensational adult Bulma cosplay.

As we can see in the post, the cosplayer, who specializes in interpretations of Bulma, made this cosplay during the Anime Buzz event last year.

This version of the character with the red dress, yellow scarf, and short hair is remembered from the Majin Buu arc, when the pink demon appeared. Also, she is known as adult Bulma because it was the part of Dragon Ball where it becomes clear that she is in a relationship with Vegeta.