Brazilian model captivates her followers with this cosplayer of Ino Yamanaka, from Naruto

Just as Dragon Ball has Bulma and Android 18 to show off copious amounts of cosplay on Instagram or Twitter, Naruto has Ino Yamanaka. The beautiful blonde kunoichi inspires incredible performances that can be found in abundance on social media.

Ino is one of the most followed Naruto characters. This beautiful Konohagakure Chunin rank warrior not only stands out for her valuable contribution in the Hidden Leaf Village. But also, she always shows all her skills in stylish outfits.

Like the one shown by the Brazilian model that we are going to show you below. The cosplayer named Luana Espíndola (on social networks she appears as @luanagaucha.official) found every detail of the character’s appearance and portrayed him identically.

The purple vest, the black protective leggings that go between her elbows and forearms, the blonde hair and the blue color of her eyes combine with the angelic look of the model to make this a perfect cosplay.

It is not the only thing that Luana Espíndola does. Just by entering her feed we can see the enormous number of interpretations that she has, mostly related to anime.

The origins of Ino Yamanaka, character of Naruto

Ino Yamanaka made her appearance in Naruto in chapter 34 of the manga, while she directly debuted in the first episode of the anime.

It was also part of Naruto Shippuden the movie, the game Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 and other productions.

This beautiful ninja, belonging to the Yamanaka clan, is a member of the Asuma team, with Choji Akimichi and Shikamaru Nara as companions. She later married Sai and had little Inojin Yamanaka, as she remembers him. The Naruto Wiki portal.

The spectacular Ino Yamanaka is a somewhat superficial young woman, who always thought about “pretty boys”, diets and ways to make herself more attractive, but without stopping fighting from start to finish.

Your leadership is important to your team, along with your intelligence and insight, along with your spirit of sacrifice.