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Break promise, Maribel Guardia did not keep distance with her mother | INSTAGRAM

After spending months in confinement because of the serious health problem that she dealt with all last year and what goes on in this, and after having tested positive for the disease, even the fact that she infects her husband, Maribel Guardia was finally able to travel to his native Costa Rica to reconnect with his mother after a year without being able to see her.

Of course, since the Costa Rican actress notified in the social networks Regarding his plan to travel to see his beloved mother, he mentioned that, although he already felt well and had tested negative for the virus, he would also abide by all health restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease.

So, for her part, I mention that I wouldn’t hug and kiss his mom, despite being one hundred percent recovered, he assured it in a post from his official profile on Instagram, when he said goodbye to his year-end vacation.

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He also said that he would undertake said trip to visit his mother, in which he asked the public to continue keeping their distance, and taking into account all preventive measures in the current situation of world health.

“With this I say goodbye to the beach, when they told me that I had C0VID I thought the worst, and it is that in truth at that moment you do not know what will happen to your life. Take good care of yourselves, please ”began Maribel’s entertainment piece.

« I am finally going to #costarica to see my mother, and although I am already negative, I am not going to kiss or hug her until she is vaccinated, » the actress stressed in her publication.

However, all the fuss began since, with another publication from her profile, the beautiful driver showed that on this trip she made, the opposite happened to what she had previously indicated.

Since in the photograph that she shared of her reunion, where the emotion of being close to her again could make her forget the words she wrote about taking care of the virus, and she appears hugging her mother.

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Likewise, at the bottom of the publication Maribel wrote the following message: “After a year I see my mother again, God gave me that license to be able to hug her and enjoy her magic, love and advice. My life teacher and my best friend. I send you blessings in the distance. « 

This fact caused her millions of followers on the networks to write hundreds of comments where they accused her of not respecting her own words, in addition, several others stressed that it was something very irresponsible on her part.

But there were also those who understood her and said that in her shoes they would have done the same, because in the same way she was already negative and there is no way to have infected her beloved family, coupled with the fact that she had the whole year without having her mother around They even sent her hugs from a distance and many greetings, because her fans are happy to see her very happy in the company of her mother, and they also filled the comment box with a huge amount of red heart emojis, symbolizing the enormous affection that they have him.

It should be remembered that the beloved and famous artist has always commented that her older sister, Vilma Chacón, is her second mother, since from a very young age she was in charge of raising her after they were orphaned when their mother lost her life when Maribel was barely nine years.

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