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The death of Dwight Powers, 72, appears to be the first broadcast by the popular service.

A Long Island (New York, USA) man was arrested and charged with murder this Thursday after stabbing his father while participating in a conference via the Zoom platform, The New York Times reported.

Thomas Scully-Powers, 32, entered the room with Dwight Powers speaking on video call with at least 20 people and stabbed him several times. Participants in the talk rushed to call authorities after seeing Powers, 72, disappear from the screen after suddenly collapsing from his chair. Yet it is unclear if they witnessed the exact moment of the attack.

According to Suffolk County Police, several minutes later, officers arrived at the septuagenarian’s home and found him dead. Her son jumped from the second floor in his attempt to flee but was later captured. around and taken to hospital for minor injuries.

According to research, Scully-Powers admitted to stabbing her father in 15 times with different kitchen knives until he made sure he died. “This is a shocking and disturbing case,” said District Attorney Timothy D. Sini. According to The Washington Post, the death of Dwight Powers appears to be the first transmitted by Zoom’s service.

This Friday at a hearing, the defendant he pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and remains detained without bail. Next week there will be a second appointment with the court and if convicted he would face a sentence of 25 years in prison. The motives for the crime remain unknown.