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William Coddington, a 32-year-old nurse from Florida (USA) was found dead in his car in a hotel parking lot on April 25. His mother, who had not heard from him, located the location of his mobile and went to the place where her son was, according to The New York Post.

His family believes that his death was due to an overdoseSince the health worker, who worked at the JFK Medical Center in West Palm Beach, had been fighting his addiction to opiates and other substances for 10 years. Despite being very committed to his detoxification, Coddington returned to relapse when Covid-19 cases skyrocketed in March in the United States and her hospital ICU was filled with coronavirus patients.

Her mother, Carolyn, has assured that it affected him a lot to see people of his age die and the severity of the pandemic, which led him to stop attending meetings to recover. The woman has also told that her son I was afraid because there was little personal protective equipment and he had nightmares with respiration beeps from the ICU.

Weeks before his death, the nurse had denounced through his Facebook profile the lack of protective material for healthcare personnel. “In my hospital we are rationing an N95 mask for my entire shift“Coddington wrote.” We’re running out of robes. We are making people make makeshift face shields that end up breaking, “he also posted.

Coddington spoke to his friend Robert Marks on the night of his death and very saddened described the situation he was going through. “Don’t take unnecessary risks, but wait,” said Marks, who he never received a reply from his friend. “What for you or me can be disturbing or annoying, for him it was devastating“the young man assured NBC Miami about the life of the nurse.

In addition to the harsh scenario he faced each day at work, his mother explains that William “was unable to meet his guardian [en la desintoxicación]”not with” his friends “because”nobody wanted to see him because he worked in a hospitalnot even to sit 6 feet away. “This led to close in on yourself and barely speak to his mother, with whom he lived.

About the causes of his death, his family suspects it was due to an overdose, although a spokesman for the Broward County coroner’s office reported that the case it’s still pending, although the security cameras of the parking lot in which Coddington was found show how a car is parallel to it and it occurs “some kind of exchange”. However, the Police do not handle the hypothesis that it has been a reckoning.

The hospital center he worked for has not ruled on William’s death, although through his spokesperson, Kathryn Walton, they noted that the hospital’s goal is to protect employees and that there were “adequate supplies of PPE”. In addition, he also communicated that “measures are being taken to conserve PPE because we do not know what our future needs will be.”