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The Government considers that the state of alarmshould continue until the end of the de-escalation plan, which would require requesting at least a new extension from June 7, the deadline in which the last extension authorized by the Congress of Deputies expires.

This has been pointed out by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, in an interview with the press service of his own party and published in the bulletin ‘El Socialista’.

“We understand that the alarm state is an instrument that should accompany us in all phases of de-escalation, but the last word will have the deputies of the Congress. We will see if they are going to support this situation by orderly de-escalating, controlling the risks or, on the contrary, not, “the minister said in the interview.

Ábalos is convinced that the protests that are beginning to emerge against the management of the Executive during the pandemic had occurred in other circumstances for any other reason and links them to the fact that “the right”, in his opinion, “it has not recognized this Government, nor the current one, nor the previous one”.

“He did not accept the motion of censure”, he adds, and now takes advantage of the “misfortune” of this coronavirus epidemic as an opportunity to “erode” the Executive. “That is very unfortunate and it is what makes the Spanish opposition different from the opposition in other countries,” he says.

The minister, who for a few days has suffered a scandal at his home, describes as “energize us” to the people who, at the doorstep of their house, intimidate their children, who hear how they call their father “murderer or scoundrel”. “

“Unfortunately, these energies that speak of freedom deprive my children of it, they deprive them of the freedom to do that so reduced walk that we have in Madrid to be able, in short, to enjoy a little of the day “, denounces.