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Huelva, May 23 . .- In May 2019, the Argentine singer was in the restaurant “La Vitrola” in Havana and it occurred to her to sing a song called “Idilio”, which was uploaded to the networks as a home video social, and it has been the public that has marked the artist’s agenda to edit her new work.

That home video is now a video clip and the preview of her new album because, as the artist remembers in her house in Trigueros, the quiet town of the province of Huelva where she continues to live, more than two million people have seen the original recording, a number that increases every day, and that has made it become, without intending to, a new song recorded by her.

A subject, he has said to Efe, with which he feels the Spanish and Latin American public “very close”.

The story of this theme in his voice, halfway between the Cuban son and salsa, part of his trip to Cuba in May 2019, from the chance of being in the restaurant with the group Evolución, resident in the premises, and of, among all the videos he recorded during his stay, upload that one precisely to social networks when he arrived in Spain

“In a short time, it ‘went viral’ around the world with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of comments,” recalls the artist, who realized that the public kept asking her to record the song in a studio, and finally here it is next to the video clip.

“When I recorded in an improvised way in that restaurant in Havana with that wonderful group of musicians residing in the premises, I never thought that it would have the repercussion it is having, but the ‘viralization’ that it continues to have on networks is even greater today. “says Argentina, proof of the acceptance that Spanish artists have on the other side of the Atlantic.

Like anyone with highs and lows in morale during these days of confinement and fighting the coronavirus, support for their music has been a spur for Argentina, which feels “overwhelmed” by “so many signs of affection from all over the world”, although they also give him “strength to keep going”.

But after the euphoria, it was time to work, and when he raised his new album he understood that part of the work had already been done, because the continuous requests to record “Idilio” had to be answered, and in the end it has become “the first single from an album that we are preparing in this line of Cuban son, salsa and flamenco “.

To record it, he put himself in the hands of the Cuban band Son de Cuba, musically directed in the recording by José Quevedo “Bolita”, and with the executive production of Luis Miguel Baeza Romero.

“Idilio” was written in the mid-20th century by Alberto Amadeo Rivera known as Tití Amadeo, and now it has come back to life in the voice of this Huelva-born woman, accompanied by the musicians of Son de Cuba: Leo Cabezas (three Cuban / guitar), Jeús Berrio (bass / backing vocals), José Alberto Rodríguez (trumpet / voice), Joel Padrón (voice / maracas and backing vocals), Orlando Carrodeguas (backing vocals), Luis Castillo (bongo) and Alexis Mendoza (congas).

Edited by the LP Flamenco label and digitally distributed by Creanauta-Altafonte, Argentina hopes that its theme will serve more than just listening to music: “Hopefully it will help make this situation more bearable, as they tell us on social media, because I can’t stop thinking in people who have been affected by the disease and in their families. “

The twice nominated for the Latin Grammy, in 2013 and 2015, with her albums “Un viaje por el cante” and “Sinergia”, says goodbye with a wish: “Together we are going to get out of this”, while preparing everything so that His new job is, like everyone else, different, but this time building a new bridge between Spain and America.

Fermín Cabanillas