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According to the African-American adviser to the Democratic candidate for the US Presidency, Symone Sanders, the comment was made “jokingly.”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been widely criticized and has had to apologize, after suggesting popular African-American DJ ‘Charlamagne Tha God’ that he is “not black” if he cannot choose whether to support him or his Republican rival, Donald Trump.

This controversial statement was recorded this Friday, during the radio interview on the program ‘The Breakfast Club’, after the DJ asked Biden several questions about his history regarding the African-American community in the US, as well as if you plan to name an African American woman like his number two facing the presidential race.

Biden – who was the US Vice President in the Barack Obama administration— defended during the talk his strong ties with the African American voters and assured that he receives “overwhelming support” meanwhile.

After 17 minutes of interview, the host – whose real name is Lenard Larry McKelvey – offered Biden to participate in the program again because “there is a long time until November”, when the presidential elections will take place and he still “has more questions”.

“Do you have any more questions? Well, I tell him that if he has a problem choosing whether he supports me or Trump, then he is not black“Biden said.


Immediately, a wave of criticism towards the Democratic politician, not only because of this particular comment, but because he took it for granted that the black community supports him. Labels were made viral on networks #YouAintBlack (‘you are not black’) and #joeknowsblacks (‘Joe meets blacks’).

In response, one of the main advisors to Biden, the African American Symone Sanders, through her Twitter account, stated that the comments her boss made at the end of the interview were “jokingly” And he assured that Biden “has spent his career fighting together and for the African American community.”

Own Biden hours later described his comments as “unfortunate” and pointed out that “I shouldn’t have been so arrogant”. In a meeting with African American business leaders, he stated that he “never ever” took “for granted that the African American community supports me.” In conclusion, he added that “no one should have to vote for a party on the basis of its race, religion or origins.”

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