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Santiago de Chile, May 22 . .- The authorities of the Chilean Ministry of Health reported this Friday that in the last 24 hours 4,276 new cases of coronavirus were counted in the country, bringing the total number to 61,857, and They recorded 41 deaths, so the total count of deceased reached 630.

Of the new cases registered, 3,863 corresponded to patients with symptoms, while the 413 were asymptomatic.

As for the recovered people, so far 25,342 patients have overcome the disease.

On the other hand, the undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, reported that there are 850 patients hospitalized in intensive care units, of which 150 are in critical condition, and that the capacity of these areas increased by 34 beds this Thursday.

The undersecretary said that there are 346 ventilators available at this time and that the private health network has been requested to have new critical care beds available for any patient in the country.

The private venues have already granted 100 beds out of the 150 available beds that the Government requested with a deadline for this Sunday.

Currently the national occupation of critical beds reaches 84% ​​nationally and 94% in the metropolitan region.

Likewise, Zúñiga said that this Saturday and next week new shipments of mechanical fans would arrive in the country “to reach a figure of 500 additional fans between now and May 31.”

In this regard, the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, said that the Government is “very busy increasing the capacity of beds, mechanical ventilation, and also in measures such as quarantines and isolation for people who cannot carry it out at home to that they can do it in sanitary residences. “

Regarding the expansion of the virus towards the most vulnerable population in the country, Minister Mañalich said that the concept of sanitary residences to move these people (infected by COVID-19) has been greatly amplified.


This Saturday will debut a new category within the coronavirus cases corresponding to the so-called “probable cases”: people who have had close contact with patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and develop symptoms of respiratory infection in the following 14 days will swell the list of total infections.

Last week, the Chilean government decreed a mandatory total of 40 in Santiago de Chile and part of its suburbs, a measure that keeps nearly 7 million people confined in their homes and that lasted this Wednesday until May 29 before the advance of the pandemic.

Until now, this type of mega-quarantine has been ruled out by the Government, which since the start of the pandemic defended “selective and strategic” confinements, with movement restrictions imposed and lifted in each commune (neighborhood) depending on the new infections

In addition to Santiago and its periphery, the towns of Antofagasta, Iquique, Alto Hospicio and Mejillones – all north of the capital – and the southern town of Lonquimay, in La Araucanía, also renewed for a week.

In total, throughout the country, almost 8 million people will be quarantined.

With the figures delivered this Friday, Chile increases its position from the fourth to the third Latin American country with the most cases of coronavirus in the world.

This according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The first two places in the region are still held by Brazil (310,087 cases and the third country in the world with the most infections) and Peru (108,769 cases).