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“I have no doubt that it is a virus created in a laboratory, by the Chinese communist regime, as a biological weapon. It is not a virus fallen from the stars or by natural mutation of plants and animals, “said Ortega Smith in an interview in La Razón.

The politician has warned of the harsh health consequences that the coronavirus can cause. “This damn virus alters blood. Although I had been screened negative for more than a month and already had antibodies, it turns out to cause clot clumping,” which is why he had to return to the hospital a few days ago. “It has not been said that many people have died from the serious consequences of the virus. When they have discharged enough people, what they do not know is that inside they have a time bomb

He confesses that his salvation was his previous good health, having always played sports and not being a smoker. “I could have died, I was at very high risk “, although he admits that he has not been afraid at any time.

He has used the occasion to thank the health personnel “for their speed and humane treatment and tell you the truth. ”

During the period that he has been confined by his illness, he has reflected a lot about his life, the frenetic rhythm that he had previously and about the intention to start a family of your own. “Yes, it had crossed my mind during the confinement that of having my own family, but for this you have to find the right person and the possible moment to do it,” he acknowledged.

Before the march this Saturday called by his party against the government, he considered that there was no risk of contagion, when carried out in vehicles or wearing a mask. “The extreme left wants us at home, gagged, turning a state of alarm into a state of exception, where rights have not been limited but have been directly suppressed. They would ban until people leaned out on the balconies and could protest by banging on a saucepan. Today’s is one more impulse to tell the Spanish to lose their fear of this totalitarian communist government and that we are not going to allow them to turn Spain into Venezuela. “