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Next Monday the two main Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona enter phase 1 of the de-escalation. Since these are areas with a very high population density and high mobility, especially in public transport, the Government recalled this Saturday what are the main rules to follow during these weeks of relaxation of the confinement to reduce the risk of contagion.

The main advice is not to travel if it is not strictly necessary and avoid displacement if you have Covid-19. The basic rule to keep in mind is the mandatory use of a mask on public transport, a requirement that was established a few weeks ago.

Plan the journey and avoid rush hours are other recommendations that have been made from the central government. Users have to take into account that the capacity in these means of transport has been limited from the Executive to avoid crowds that would favor infections. Thus, for example, the estimates made by Metro de Madrid indicate that with the maximum capacity of 40% set by the Ministry of Transport, there will be around 2.5 million people who can use the suburban daily, when before the crisis health were around 5.5 million daily users.

In mass transport such as subways and suburban trains, it is very important to maintain the social distance between travelers and avoid establishing conversations. Too It is recommended to attend to the signs that have been arranged in recent days in the different spaces of the networks, such as winches, platforms and lobbies, in order to maintain distances and establish both directions of movement for users and ascent and descent of vehicles

In obtaining tickets, it is advisable to use auto-vending machines and card payment to avoid cash, which can be a vehicle that transmits the virus.

Concessionary companies of public transport services they have redoubled the cleaning and disinfection measures of the facilities during the crisis and will continue to do so now that an unknown passenger influx is expected in the past two and a half months.