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Lydia Lozano has failed to remain calm at the premiere of The Last Supper, Telecinco’s new program. Since she learned the news that it would be her along with Kiko Matamoros who had to be tested this Friday, she has been very tense.

Throughout the entire broadcast, she has been very focused on her work, without attending to the indications made by chef Begoña Rodrigo, with whom she also has had some displeasure.

Jorge Javier pointed out to the collaborator that he had been very close to the winner of a Michelin star. In one of the images it could be seen how Begoña had to stand up to her responses, reminding her that she was in charge. “Here I give the orders, not you”.

Charly, Lydia’s husband, has been in charge of making him understand that his performance with the chef had not been the most appropriate. “He told me to tone down, that he was giving an edge image …”, confessed the journalist.

“I do not recognize myself. I am overwhelmed by time, it is a pressure,” he said. Finally, the collaborator he apologized to Begoña through tears, alluding to the stress caused by the challenge.