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Madrid, May 23 . .- The DGT will gradually resume this Monday the theoretical and practical exams to obtain a driving license in the provinces that are in phase 2 with sanitary measures, such as the obligation for students and Examiners wear masks and gloves or only one applicant is in the car.

In a statement, the General Directorate of Traffic informs this Saturday of the publication of the instruction to the traffic headquarters where the specific measures and precautions necessary to minimize risks are collected after consulting all the sector associations and the unions.

The progressive return of driving license tests occurs once the Ministry of Health has published new orders on the de-escalation process on Saturday, including the reopening of training centers such as driving schools in phase 2, provided that do not exceed a third of their capacity and pontecian distance and online training.

In addition, they must make available to the public dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels or authorized disinfectants.

These are some of the main news regarding driving tests.


The theoretical exams will be the first to be resumed in all the headquarters that are in phase 2, and will be prioritized for those that have lost their validity and need to renew the special authorization to drive vehicles that transport dangerous goods. In the following days, the rest of the theoretical exams will be resumed progressively.

Due to the necessary separation distance between applicants, the capacity of the classrooms will be reduced, so that as far as possible, calls will be increased to respond to demand.

Applicants should always wear gloves and masks that they should bring with them and they will have a hydrogel for their use when necessary. During the entire exam the minimum distance of 2 meters between students will be guaranteed.


Carrying out this test is the one with the most changes due to the limited space of the vehicle. Only the student and teacher will go in the front of the vehicle and the examiner, alone, in the rear seats.

Both students and teachers must wear gloves and a mask.

At the moment the test is declared unsuitable for accumulation of fouls or commission of an elimination fault, it will be interrupted. The examination will not continue so as not to prolong the social contact situation.

The explanations about the examination will always be given outside the vehicle, keeping the recommended distance

The private schools of drivers will be responsible for the correct cleaning and disinfection of the vehicles, as well as their cleaning at the end of each test and in any case before the next.

In the case of practical motorcycle exams, an effective two-way hands-free intercom will be required in the communication systems between the examiner and the student. The protection of the same against the health risk will be in charge of the school, recommending that the microphone is for individual use.

Likewise, the use of equipment in which the examiner is forced to manipulate it or to have to place it in ears (headphones) or with microphones that are housed close to the mouth, will not be accepted, unless its total sanitation is guaranteed.

Regarding closed-circuit tests, the summons for aptitude and behavior tests will be carried out in stages to avoid crowds and in wide areas where the safety distance can be maintained.

As in the case of theoretical exams, anyone outside the test will be prohibited from staying on the slopes and it is recommended that each student carry their own equipment.

The examination service is maintained throughout the summer period. Due to the exceptional situation that is being experienced this year, the headquarters will schedule exams throughout the summer throughout the national territory.

Traffic reminds that driving permits and licenses, as well as other administrative authorizations to drive, whose period of validity expires during the state of alarm and its successive extensions, will be automatically extended until sixty days after their termination.

The examinations held in the displaced centers may be maintained as long as there are guarantees of compliance with the measures of cleaning and disinfection measures and social distance established in the DGT contingency plan.

The Provincial Traffic Chief will analyze the situation in his province and make the decision about the advisability of referring exams to the official centers.