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Invisible in a sea of ​​blocks of flats, some families hold onto a food box as if it were a life preserver. They may be your neighbors, economically drowned, but that out of shame they will not scream for help on the other side of the wall.

For this reason, the Association of Merchants of the Barrio del Pilar, in Madrid personally delivers boxes of food to each home of people who are in need. Previously, the food has been delivered by neighborhood residents in different stores. From there, volunteers and merchants distribute it to those in financial difficulties. That is, it goes from neighbors to neighbors.

Luis Miguel Guerrero has a real estate agency in the neighborhood and is a member of the El Pilar neighborhood merchants association: “There are many people who call us asking for help: those who are unemployed, in an ERTE, are being very hard.”

Among the people we meet in the food distribution is Vanessa with two children. Her husband lost the job he had in construction and now they have no income.

We also talk to other people like Yeni. She has been living in Spain for more than 16 years, has a husband and a small child. Her husband lives on the sloppies that come out. She was cleaner at a company until she suffered an ERTE, was in early April. However, he has not yet charged anything. It is one of the 900,000 people that according to the College of Administrative Managers has been waiting for money from ERTE.

The Association of Merchants of the Pilar neighborhood also brings food to sick people who cannot move from their homes.

In any case, as Luis Miguel Guerrero insists, “we do not ask for or give money. We only receive and deliver food. We have detected that there are scam artists posing as us, knocking on our neighbors ‘doors to sell them some gels and also asking them for a donation to the merchants’ association. They are scammers and should call the police. ”

Despite these obstacles, his solidarity work continues indefatigable. In fact, apart from home deliveries Every Saturday at 8:00 p.m. they deliver and collect outdoor food.