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It has pores of 5 nanometers, between 13 and 25 times smaller than the diameter of SARS-CoV-2.

A group of scientists from Saudi Arabia has developed a membrane that can guarantee complete protection against the coronavirus if used with N95 masks, according to a study published Wednesday in the ACS Nano magazine.

Offering the best protection generally available and used by medical personnel working with covid-19 sufferers worldwide, N95s have pores of about 300 nanometers. This means that they actually stop only 85% of the smaller particles of this size, while the diameter of the SARS-CoV-2varies between 65 and 125 nanometers, the researchers indicate.

To provide greater protection for doctors, Saudi scientists developed a silicon membrane with pores of less than 5 nanometers. They claim that, according to their calculations, the membrane will provide a fairly comfortable air flow – 85 liters per minute – and will be replaceable, that is, the protectors can be reused several times.

Also, scientists claim that the membrane will automatically clean itself thanks to its structure. “The porous membrane is based on a natural hydrophobic polymer, so the drops that come in contact with the mask will roll and slide on the mask due to the large angle of inclination of the membrane when used in a face mask,” the researchers.

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