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The President of the Spanish Government has wanted to send a message of tranquility, assuring that “whoever steps on Spain can count on stepping on a floor with sanitary guarantees.”

“We have the purpose of guaranteeing the reactivation of national tourism in the face of this same summer season,” the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, confirmed this Saturday at a press conference, adding that “foreign tourists can now also plan their vacations in our country”.

Sánchez himself has sent a message to professionals in the sector, which is an important part of the national GDP, to prepare to resume their activity under the premises of safety and sustainability.

“We must take advantage of the great advantages that the country has in tourism, this being a good year to get to know our great country,” added the president, noting that “Spain needs tourism and security in origin and destination”, so it will be guaranteed ” tourists do not take any risk or bring it to our country. “

Sánchez wanted to send a message of tranquility, assuring that “whoever steps on Spain can count on treading on a soil with sanitary guarantees and committed to the sustainability of our planet.”

Reopening with an eye on the advance of the pandemic

As confirmed by Vice President Teresa Ribera in an interview with El Periódico, June 22 It will be the potential date to reactivate national tourism in those territories that have passed phase 3 of the de-escalation.

The central government established a de-escalation in the country It is divided into four phases, each of which lasts 2 weeks in which the activity will be resumed and whose planned start dates are: phase 0 from May 4, phase 1 from May 11, phase 2 from May 25 and phase 3 from June 8. Therefore, June 22 marks the end of the last of the phases, according to the current calendar.

Spain has been one of the countries of the European Union that was most impeding the reopening of this sector, implementing regulations such as quarantine for travelers from abroad, but the enormous economic losses, the fact that the season almost came due to loss and pressure from the sector, they seem to have changed the national Executive’s mind.

In fact, the Alliance for Tourism Excellence, Exceltur, the largest ‘lobby’ in the sector, spoke a month ago loss of 92,556 million euros, in the event of a recovery in activity in July.

With all of the above, it is not surprising that Spain was one of the 10 countries that participated this week in a meeting organized by Germany to discuss regulations that would unblock the tourism sector for this summer period.