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The pressure continued to increase this Saturday towards the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to fire one of his advisers, Dominic Cummings, suspected of having breached the rules of confinement to fight the coronavirus.

Cummings, 48, left his London home to visit his 70-year-old parents in Durham (northeast England) despite having symptoms of COVID-19, the Daily Mirror and The Guardian newspapers revealed on Friday. .

On Saturday, in the face of controversy, Downing Street said Cummings acted on government recommendations.

“The British people do not expect there to be one law for one and the other for Dominic Cummings,” said a Labor Party spokesman. Ed Davey, a leader of the liberal-democratic party, said for his part that Cummings “will have to resign” if the facts are confirmed.

According to the leader of the Scottish independentists in the Westminster parliament, Ian Blackford, “he has to resign or be removed.”

However, according to a person close to Dominic Cummings, “there is no chance that he will resign.”

A Downing Street spokesperson denied that he violated the rules, explaining that the counselor acted in this way because he needed help caring for his son and that he settled in a separate building on the property.

According to this source, his sister left the purchase abroad.

Durham police confirmed that they had been informed on March 31 that someone had arrived from London and indicated that they had been reminded of the rules according to national recommendations.

But Downing Street directly contradicted these claims, explaining that “at no time did the police speak to him or his family about the issue, as stated.”

At the time of the events, the Boris Johnson government asked the population to leave the house only for basic needs and those with symptoms could not leave.

“Those who try to politicize” this matter “should look in the mirror,” Foreign Minister Dominic Raab tweeted, acknowledging the explanations given so far.

The case adds to criticism of the Johnson government for managing the pandemic, which has left more than 36,000 dead in the UK.