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A pilot research project has detected a healthy, asymptomatic cat infected with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and whose owner suffered from Covid-19 disease, which according to the data of those responsible for the work could be the first of these characteristics found in Europe.

This cat of European breed, which is still healthy, It is owned by a coronavirus patient who was admitted, has confirmed the head of the Departments of Infectious Diseases of the San Pedro de Logroño University Hospital and the La Rioja Biomedical Research Center (CIBIR), José Antonio Oteo.

The finding occurred within a pilot research project led by Oteo and developed by the April 8 to May 4 with 23 pets of people sick with coronavirus in La Rioja.

Twelve dogs, eight cats, two rabbits and a guinea pig were studied., to which their owners took some of the samples necessary in this study following the advice that the researchers sent them in a video recorded by themselves.

The infection was found in the sample in the mouth carried out on one of the cats, which was asymptomatic and that “continues perfect, healthy”, has added.

“This means,” he stressed, “that companion animals can become infected from sick people and as such we have to protect them. “

He also stressed that “no one has shown that companion animals can be a source of infectionfor humans“but” we must continue investigating “.

“They probably don’t have enough viral load to infect us, but you have to generate information when a new emergent infection appears, “as has happened with Covid-19, Oteo insisted.

You have recognized that yes you are concerned about what you are communicating about mink, in relation to the possibility that they could be a source of infection for humans.

This researcher, one of the world’s leading experts in tick-borne diseases, has specified that, when a new disease appears, an emerging infection, knowledge must be generated.

Oteo has pointed out that from this pilot project many conclusions cannot be obtained, but that cats can get sick.

“We can infect our pets”, he has assured, reason why he has urged “to be careful when one is ill and not to expose them to our secretions”.

In addition, he has urged “protect our pets, take care of them and follow hygiene rules, as with people“he insisted.