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The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, affirmed this Saturday that the request to Congress for a new extension of the state of alarm will depend on “evolution” of the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain.

In the press conference that he offered from the Palacio de la Moncloa after his weekly appearance, the president pointed out that “depending on” the epidemiological situation and the restrictions required to control the spread of the coronavirus will be seen if a sixth extension is requested.

He appealed to “prudence”, now that the end of the tunnel is being “touched with the fingertips”, and indicated that the Government is not going to put what was achieved at risk. He further defended that alarm status is the “only” instrument while it is necessary “to preserve mobility and restrict the right to freedom of movement and assembly.”

In this sense, he charged the Popular Party for making the latest extension of the state of alarm difficult. He argued that it is “irresponsible” the attitude of the main opposition party because it governs in some territories while in Congress it chooses to “oppose”. In this sense, he directly blamed the PP for opening “the spigot” of petitions from smaller parties, by forcing the Executive to seek the support of other groups that take advantage of “negotiating” aspects that have “nothing to do with the health emergency “

“Everything could have been avoided, if the PP either abstained, or not surprisingly, would have voted in favor. Unfortunately, this is not reality and has led different parliamentary groups to try to negotiate, “the president summed up this week’s agreements with various parties, including EH Bildu, to save parliamentary authorization.