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America is now the epicenter of the coronavirus in the world, and many countries are suffering from its meats. But one of them, Honduras, assures that he has a method thanks to which he has managed reduce deaths.

As the BBC publishes, the objective of Honduras is to prevent coronavirus sufferers from aggravating themselves, and for this they use a combination of medications and techniques. The reason is that Honduras has a very weak healthcare system, who could not assume a large number of patients in intensive care.

The method was invented by a Honduran doctor named Miguel Sierra-Hoffman, based in Texas. Sierra found that in Europe, many patients died with inflammatory and hypercoagulation infections that could end thrombosis.

Hondurans call this method ‘catracho’, It is named after the combination of colchicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, tocilizumab, ivermectin, anticoagulants and hydroxychloroquine, as well as laying patients on their stomachs and administering high-flow oxygen.

“We didn’t really change any medications, we just started giving them from the first day of admission. Instead of giving the steroids on day six or 12, when people were already drowning, we gave them at the beginning“Sierra-Hoffman tells the BBC.

This method worked in Texas, so the doctor exported it to his country. “In four weeks, we halved mortality in intensive care at the Honduran Social Security Institute (IHSS) and average stay was reduced in the hospital from 16 days to about six or seven currently, “said Óscar Díaz, head of Intensive Care at the IHSS.

What happens is that the hydroxychloroquine is not yet supported by the WHO as a valid drug to fight coronavirus. It is still under study and serious side effects have been reported from its use.

“In many countries, doctors are giving patients with covid-19 medications that have not been approved to treat this disease, “recalls a WHO spokesperson to the BBC.

And despite reports of heart problems caused by hydroxychloroquine, Dr. Sierra-Hoffman says that no patient of his own He has had such problems.