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Samantha Gamble and Frankie Byrne were planning to get married in late May in Northern Ireland, UK, but restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic in the country ruined their plans.

His case would be like that of so many thousands of other fiancées who have simply had to postpone their wedding if it were not for Samantha is terminally ill with cancer and looking for another date later was not an option for her.

His case has had such an impact in the British media that, finally, the Northern Ireland regional government has decided to allow weddings in the event that one of the marriage partners is terminally ill as one of the first measures in the de-escalation. of confinement.

This decision allowed Samantha and Frankie to finally celebrate their wedding at their home in the northern Irish town of Loughbrickland.

Shortly before the celebration, Samantha was grateful to the politicians that they had allowed their wedding and assured that “they will never know what it means to us”. Of her current husband she said that “during all this time, Frankie has been by my side and has been my support and has done everything for me.”

Alone six people were able to attend the ceremony, including the bride and groom and the rest of the family followed her by video conference.