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Madrid, May 23 . .- The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes this Saturday a new order from the Ministry of Health that modifies different previous regulations on the process of removing confinement measures and restricting activity, known as de-escalation. .

This order will take effect from next Monday and will remain effective for the entire duration of the state of alarm and its possible extensions.

Here are some of those new measures:


– In phase 1, the time limits previously provided for the movement of the child population and the practice of non-professional physical activity will not apply.


– In phase 2, the educational administrations will be able to determine if they are returning to face-to-face non-university education and determine under what conditions. The reopening of other educational centers, such as academies or driving schools, is allowed, keeping the appropriate hygiene and prevention measures.


– In phase 1, establishments and commercial premises within parks or shopping malls may reopen to the public as long as they have a useful exhibition and retail area of ​​400 square meters or less or limit it to this threshold, and count with direct and independent access from outside the park or shopping center.

The autonomous communities and cities may modify the expected capacity percentage as long as it is not less than thirty percent nor greater than fifty percent.


– IN PHASE 1, All premises and establishments where cultural acts and shows take place whose activity has been suspended after the declaration of the state of alarm may be reopened, provided they do not exceed one third of the authorized capacity.

If they are held indoors, there cannot be more than thirty people in total and, if they are outdoors, the maximum authorized capacity will be two hundred people.


– The suspension of activities related to intervention works in existing buildings in all territorial units in phase 1 and later is lifted.


– The reopening of the natural parks is allowed provided that they do not exceed twenty percent of the maximum capacity allowed, as well as the cable cars, which must limit the capacity of each cabin to fifty percent.


– Workers in the waste sector are again allowed to manually separate the waste from the remaining fraction, provided that the appropriate equipment and protective measures are available, and prior notification is retrieved for shipments of waste between autonomous communities.

When necessary, the industrial cement manufacturing facilities authorized to co-incinerate waste shall incinerate the remaining fraction at the request of the authorities.

Regulates the management of waste in contact with COVID-19 from hospitals, ambulances, health centers, laboratories, or similar establishments, as well as those derived from the disinfection of facilities.

The residues in contact with COVID-19 will be considered as infectious residues and will be managed as such, according to the provisions of the regional regulations on sanitary residues.


– Local private aviation flights carried out within the same island in phase 1 are authorized.


– In phase 2, the autonomous communities and cities may modify the percentage of expected capacity and the occupation of the outdoor terraces provided they are not less than thirty percent or greater than fifty percent.


– In phase 2, autonomous communities and cities may allow visits to residents of sheltered housing, residences for people with disabilities and the elderly, as well as walking with residents, and establishing the requirements and conditions of these visits and walks.


– The order develops regulation on beaches in phase 2. Among the main measures is to establish a two-meter safety perimeter with respect to other users, except in the case of coexisting bathers or those who do not exceed the maximum number of people planned.

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Municipalities may establish limitations on access, always free, and capacity on beaches in order to ensure that this interpersonal distance is respected.

They may also set limits on the length of stay there, as well as access to the car parks.

In order to calculate the maximum capacity allowed for each beach, it will be considered that the beach area to be occupied by each bather will be approximately four square meters. For this calculation, the useful surface of the beach will be discounted, at least, a strip of six meters to count from the shore at high tide.


– In phase 2, the natural parks may be reopened as long as they do not exceed twenty percent of their maximum permitted capacity.


– Driving schools and academies may resume their face-to-face activity, provided that it does not exceed a third of its capacity. Likewise, they should prioritize, whenever possible, the distance and online training modalities.

In the case of practical driving classes, the use of masks in the practice vehicle will be compulsory, both for the teacher and for the student.

Likewise, the training vehicle must be cleaned and disinfected before and after use by each student, paying special attention to the elements in common use and the control of the vehicle, as well as carrying out subsequent ventilation.