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The Deputy Secretary for Organizing the PP, Ana Beltrán, assured this Saturday that the PP is the “freedom party” and has expressed her respect for the protests and demonstrations that they are calling against the Government of Pedro Sánchez because the “people are fed up”. That yes, has asked that the sanitary norms are fulfilled and they are peaceful.

As long as sanitary measures are respected and they are peaceful gatherings or demonstrations, go ahead with them. I understand very much that people are in absolute discomfort for Pedro Sánchez’s management and that they finally go out into the street to denounce him, in a peaceful way, I insist, “Beltrán said in an interview on esRadio.

When asked explicitly how the PP values ​​these caceroladas and protests against Sánchez, Beltrán has indicated that his party “respects” that people “take to the streets” Because “there really is a social outcry against Sánchez” and “he is very fed up” when he feels that “liberties are being taken away from him.” “It is very clear that we are the party of freedom,” he said.

Concentrations in favor of ETA prisoners

In addition, Beltrán has criticized that in Navarra the Government “persecutes these demonstrations by citizens asking for freedom and the resignation of Sánchez” while “allowing concentrations in favor of the release of ETA prisoners.” “That cannot be consented to and makes people even more angry,” he exclaimed.

At this point, he has denounced that neither Pedro Sánchez nor his interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, have said anything about these demonstrations in favor of the release of ETA prisoners, but they do “criticize those who ask for their resignation.” “It is that there is no greater shamelessness”, has highlighted.

Beltrán has indicated that in the PP there is “a great deal of concern” after the agreement reached by the PSOE and Unidas Podemos with Bildu to repeal the labor reform in exchange for its abstention in the fifth extension of the state of alarm.

Sánchez “has betrayed” everyone

As he has said, the PP has long been “the target of the wrath” of the abertzale formation and they know “perfectly who Bildu-Batasuna is”, in the way that “they know very well who Pedro Sánchez is.” “The important thing is that everyone knows that deceit and treason are in the DNA of the Prime Minister. That is President Sánchez,” he emphasized.

Beltrán has assured that, in that agreement with Bildu, Sánchez has “betrayed” other parties, their ministers, businessmen and workers. “And most serious of all, he has betrayed socialist victims of the terrorist group ETA and, ultimately, he has betrayed all Spaniards,” he asserted.

According to what he has said, Sánchez has made this agreement to extend a state of alarm that “has nothing to do with the health interest” but is due to the fact that “he is very comfortable with that exceptionality to be able to do and undo as he pleases.” In his opinion, with this “he breaks once again the Constitution”.

Sánchez’s “weak” government

Beltrán has pointed out that the PSOE and Podemos pact with Bildu has a “precedent” in the agreement signed a week ago with Bildu, Podemos and the Catalan independence parties to “release ETA prisoners and convicted of sedition of the Catalan independence movement”.

“And we have a lot that the third agreement also has the stamp of Bildu, Podemos and ERC, which includes the repeal of the labor reform and the release of ETA prisoners“He has asserted, to add that Bildu’s” main obsession “is” his gang and his prisoners “because” they have never cared about the workers. “

For this reason, the Deputy Secretary for the Organization of the PP has asked to be “very vigilant” about what may happen, since, in her opinion, there are “sequences still to be seen” with a “weak” government like Pedro Sánchez’s. “Bildu does not stop, it is a party that has very clear its objectives and road map. And be careful with what comes next,” he concluded.