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The Russian user of the Reddit platform Zen_Kong published a few weeks ago his own vision of the ideal smart speaker: with the face of Bender, from Futurama, and the same sarcastic and sarcastic humor that characterizes the robot television’s most beloved.

It has been the specialized publication Gizmodo that has detected the curious gadget and has shared the video of how it works Der Pinder ’, the name with which its creator has baptized it combining ‘Raspberry Pi + Bender’, since it is based on a Raspberry Pi Zero W:

“Bite my shiny metallic ass”, begins by saying -in English- this always charming Bender. It is clear that to listen to the boring responses to which we are accustomed Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant Better to have a laugh with Philip J. Fry’s best friend.

The body parts are printed on3D: Eyes and teeth – the translucent parts that allow them to shine – with Anycubic Photon and other parts with Creality Ender 3, says its designer. The microphone comes “from an old smartphone“and the speaker and amplifier of” the cheapest Chinese acoustics “.

As we said, inside the head is a Raspberry Pi Zero W running a combination of Pocketsphinx speech recognition software and custom Python code to process voice requests and trigger responses.

“She’s a bad girl,” replies ‘Pinder’ when asked about Siri.Zen_Kong

The responses of this peculiar smart speaker are small clips of Bender obtained from various episodes of FuturamaThat is, it is the character’s own voice – dubbed in real life by John DiMaggio-.

All this, in addition, works completely offlineSo forget about privacy concerns – this may be the first smart speaker whose primary mission is not to make a profit by listening to you. Of course, its effectiveness in giving the weather report may not be very good.

Although we don’t know much about what it is capable of, of course have a Bender at home with whom you can ‘dialogue’ It is a dream come true for Futurama fans.

On its Reddit page the creator responds like this to another user who asks if it would be possible to build this so that he can control other things on the network or as a home assistant: “Yes, it is possible. Maybe I’ll add some “smart home” features in the future, but actually my intention was to make something like an art toy. I even consider it a ‘light protest’ against the ‘smart’ speakers always connected to Internet 🙂 “.

In case you want to start building your own, Zen_Kong has created its custom open source Python code and it is available on GitHub.

Inside ‘Pinder’ there is a Raspberry Pi Zero W that runs the software Zen_Kong.