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Experts attribute this to poor maintenance as well as climate change.

Some 10,000 residents Midland County (Michigan) had to be evacuated due to heavy flooding after a break occurred at the Edenville Dam. The failure took place this Tuesday and as a result, hours later, caused the collapse of another dam located downstream on the Tittabawassee river, local media reported.

The Edenville Dam collapse was captured on video and attributed by experts to both a poor maintenance like to climate change, since the abundant rains that fell last week saturated the reservoir.

Despite the fact that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) had been warning about the need to increase the capacity of the dam spills since the late 1990s, the University of Sheffield geologist, Dave Petley spoke of another possible cause of the collapse.

“Actually the events are more concerning than that: the dam appears to have suffered a failure in the slope; a failure in its integrity. This should never occur, and to me it suggests that the problems at the Edenville dam went beyond known problems with the spill. “

Likewise, Petley pointed out in another separate statement, that “climate change, global warming, is driving increases in rainfall intensities and durations, which means that the probable maximum flood is increasing in many places. “The expert warned that, due to this factor, dams should be reformed to avoid their collapse.

“These structures, worldwide, will need a substantial improvement to cope with this increase in rainfall, and that will be very expensive. In the meantime, we will see more cases of this type,” he concluded.