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“There are sophisticated schemes and ways in which someone can access funds, knowing the account number and route,” said one expert.

Kayleigh McEnany, White House press secretary, inadvertently revealed bank details of President Donald Trump, when he announced Friday that the US president will donate his entire salary for the first quarter of this year to the US Department of Health and Social Services. .UU.

Introducing the $ 100,000 check, likely from Capital One Bank, to the public, McEnany showed the president’s private bank account and routing numbers. An Administration official confirmed that at the press conference fake checks were not used, reports The New York Times.

“It is not a good practice to share that information publicly,” said Eva Velásquez, president and executive director of the Identity Theft Resource Center. “If there are no protection measures, there are sophisticated schemes and ways in which someone can access the funds, knowing the account and route number and the identity of the person to whom they belong, “he warned.

However, the expert stated that banks usually establish additional protections, when it comes to a high-ranking person, such as President Trump, adding that your account is not likely to be ‘hacked’.

It is not the first time that the president transfers his salary to that institution. The previous donation was made in early March and confirmed in a post on the White House spokeswoman’s official Twitter account. In that image personal bank details Donald Trump’s were not visible.