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Vox hopes to collapse this Saturday the center of all provincial capitals with its call for citizens to demonstrate in their private cars to protest against the government’s management in the coronavirus crisis and ask for his resignation.

The party led by Santiago Abascal has formally called demonstrations throughout Spain in a state of alarm and has obtained authorization in all cities. In the case of the four provinces of Catalonia and those of Castilla y León it has needed the support of the courts of justice to be able to celebrate their caravans of vehicles.

To ensure authorization, Vox has organized a car march and has insisted on its desire to ensure that all sanitary and social distancing measures are respected. To the citizens who support the protest, the party only asks them to carry two things, masks and flags of Spain.

These demonstrations will be the ‘putting off’ of the protests that have been playing on the streets of many cities for days. Vox has insistently assured that those mobilizations are “spontaneous” of citizens fed up with the Government, but has not hesitated to support them and encourage the population to continue protesting.

With this call Vox wants to bring to the street the frontal opposition to the management of the Covid-19 crisis that has already manifested in Congress and that has led the party to vote against the latest extensions of the alarm state.

In his opinion, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez is using this mechanism as “a hidden state of emergency” with which it is restricting basic rights and freedoms of citizens and, therefore, will try to extend it as much as possible.

Vox proposes to resort to other constitutional laws to control de-escalation – such as the National Security or Public Health laws – and defends the need to reactivate the economy as soon as possible to avoid the “bankruptcy” of the country.

This rejection of the Government’s plans is reflected in the motto of the protests: “freedom phase”, alluding to the different phases by which the provinces can advance according to the plan of lack of control devised by the Executive.

Abascal, speech from his car

The leaders of the party will participate in the demonstration of the province in which they reside and the dome will lead the motor march of Madrid, which has planned a quadrangular route with the starting point in the Plaza de Cibeles. A speech is also planned for its leader, Santiago Abascal, from your own private vehicle It will be broadcast live on EsRadio and Toro TV.

The caravans will begin at 12 noon and, in Madrid, the head of the march will be organized in the area in front of the National Library, on the corner with the Spanish Navy Street and in it will be the national managers of Vox who attend the concentration.