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Madrid, May 23 . .- The mobilization called by Vox against Pedro Sánchez and his management of the health crisis has collapsed the center of Madrid, where thousands of cars and motorcycles (6,000 according to the Government Delegation) have paraded with Spanish flags, uninterruptedly touching the horn and the cry of “Government, resignation”.

The caravan of cars and motorcycles has been led by a convertible bus occupied by the national leaders of Vox, including Santiago Abascal, who during the tour has made a speech, disclosed through his YouTube channel, in which he has accused the Government to hide information and intimidate the opposition, and has called to continue mobilizing.

Although this first motorized demonstration against the Executive was conceived by Vox as an imaginative solution that allowed the safety distance to be respected and did not pose a threat to public health, the continuous influx of people who have joined the march on foot has made it very difficult for the two meters to be respected.

The march, which has passed through the central axis of the City between Cibeles-Colón and Puerta de Alcalá, has passed very close to Calle Núñez de Balboa, where in recent weeks the caceroladas of neighbors against the Government and the one that Vox has untied as organizer.

At noon and from the Plaza de Colón a march started that the spokesman for Vox in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has branded as “sensible and prudent” (authorized by the Government Delegation) and which he has invited to join citizens, regardless of their political affiliation and as a sign of “legitimate protest” against the government’s mismanagement.

“This is not a party act. It is a proposal open to everyone, we do not ask anyone for the card,” said the leader of Vox, while he has advanced that if other parties call similar protests, those of Abascal will will add “delighted”.

Also the general secretary of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, released from hospital last Wednesday after suffering the covid-19, has accused the Government of lying and of having “completely ceased to function” since “since December he had the necessary information to have avoided many deaths. “

At the end of the march, which has passed without incident and guarded by one hundred municipal police officers and fifty riot police, the spokesperson for Vox in the Madrid Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, has assessed the response of the citizens who have barely been able to make the journey “because it was all collapsed, in all directions. “

Monastery assured that today in the march “there are left-wing voters, fed up with the elite of Galapagar and the PSOE, who feel betrayed by Sánchez.”

But there are also protesters from the PP, Cs and Vox, said Monasterio, who has denounced the Executive for “taking advantage of the crisis to impose their totalitarian ideas.”

Along these lines, the Vox leader has asked Sánchez to resign and give way to a government of concentration.

Monastery has commented that there will be more mobilizations during the de-escalation. “These are not Cayetanos in the Salamanca neighborhood, here there are people from all over the world, also from the hunger queues of Tetuán and Aluche”, two neighborhoods in the capital.

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The march, which did not count on any political leader of PP or Cs, has taken place for more than an hour at the sound of the horn and has taken longer than expected due to the influx of citizens who have followed the route along the sides of the circuit. allowed by the Government Delegation.

The flags of Spain, some with black crepe, others pre-constitutional, posters recalling the “40,000 dead, 8,000,000 unemployed, 100,000 companies closed, hunger queues” and others calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister have been a continuum in a march , which has been repeated this Saturday in practically all the provincial capitals of Spain.