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The deadline to file the 2019-2020 Income Statement by phone opened last Thursday, May 7. This service, which makes the Tax Agency available to citizens, It is called Plan We call you.

Thus, the taxpayer who wants to file the tax return by phone must make the request via the Internet or in the following phone numbers:

901 22 33 4491 553 00 71901 12 12 2491 535 73 26

The schedule to make the request is available from 09:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday and the term, which began on May 5, ends on June 29.

The Tax Agency will be calling taxpayers to file the return as soon as possible, as reported from their website.

To use this telephone service you need provide the reference number, for which you must have the DNI / NIE, its validity date, issue date or support number and box 505 of your 2018 Income.