Brendan Fraser tearfully receives the Oscar

the iconic brendan fraser never thought about being present at the awards Oscar let alone being nominated in a category. Now, the American actor achieved great recognition for his artistic career, by winning the award for his work in La ballena (The whale).

For many years he was singled out as a commercial film artist and undervalued in the industry but he returned to the cinema to steal the hearts of the people and add a new generation of followers to his ranks.

Remarkably emotional in front of the public, he demonstrated the great moment he is going through in his artistic career.

Brendan Fraser’s power lies not only in his acting skills, but also for facing prejudice and criticism of his work for years, which is now rewarded by the love of the public that applauds his work, but above all his charisma, simplicity and good humor.

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Five actors fought, as usual, to take home the precious statuette this Sunday, but only one of them did so this year.

Nominated for Best Leading Actor

  • Brendan Fraser for The Whale
  • Austin Butler by Elvis
  • Colin Farrell for Banshees by Inisherin
  • Paul Mescal for Aftersun
  • Bill Nighy for Living