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At the end of a hung match, Brest bowed by the smallest of margins on the occasion of his trip to the floor of CSKA Moscow and conceded his second defeat of the season in the Champions League.

Against CSKA Moscow, Brest can’t do it this season. Beaten by two lengths in the first leg played last October at the Brest Arena, Laurent Bezeau’s players once again missed the boat on the occasion of a sometimes grotesque trip to Russia. Long stranded at Moscow airport this Friday, the Brestoises did not approach this meeting in the best conditions and the start of the match was felt.

If the teammates of Ana Gros (5 goals on 8 shots), who should rally Russia next season, tied the game for eight minutes, Polina Gorshkova (6 goals on 8 shots) accelerated and allowed CSKA to be four lengths ahead before the end of the first quarter of an hour of play. But the lack of offensive efficiency of Jan Leslie Lund’s players allowed the Brestoises to gradually come back to lead for the first time in the match three minutes before half-time. Darya Dmitrieva (3 goals on 8 shots) finally allowed the two teams to find their locker room tied. The second act got off to a flying start for the BBH, who immediately took two steps ahead … without panicking the players of CSKA Moscow who, despite the brilliant blows of Sandra Toft (16 saves at 38% efficiency), signed a 3-0 to get back in front of the score. The Muscovites even were two lengths ahead with less than a quarter of an hour from the end of the match but Pauletta Foppa (4 goals on 6 shots) came out of her box to equalize and keep her team up.

For Djurdjina Jaulovic’s teammates (6 goals out of 10 shots), the end of the match was difficult, however. Led by a goal 47 seconds from the siren and inferior, the Brestoises suffered a refusal of play for having played too late on their last offensive. An error that offered victory to CSKA Moscow (25-24) on a plateau, which is one point behind the BBH with two fewer games in the race for second place behind Györ.

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