Brexit: “I think we still have time to negotiate”, says Clément Beaune – .

According to the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, France does not yet consider that negotiations on future relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union have failed …

Elements of divergence

Knowing that the Brexit will be fully effective on January 1, European and British negotiators have not always found an agreement, particularly because of differences over the peach, the dispute resolution mechanisms and the rules of fair competition.

Ursula von der Leyen – President of the European Commission, and Boris Johnson – British Prime Minister, asked their respective negotiators to take stock of these elements to discuss them directly, while a European summit is scheduled for Thursday, December 10 and the following day.

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“I admit that we are a little fed up”

On the air RMC, in comments reported by France Info with ., Clement Beaune affirms: “I admit that we are a little fed up but we are not going to say ‘we slam the door because we are tired’. He then says he does not want “act a failure”, and estimates that there is still a time for negotiation, a few days, “and then you have to say clearly (…) yes or no”.

Mr. Beaune also recalls that the France will not hesitate to oppose its veto, in particular if proposals concerning fishing do not satisfy it. “Make efforts, yes, compromises, yes, everyone knows it, we have said it honestly to the French fishermen”, he advancesBut “to sacrifice our fishing and our fishermen, that’s no and the British know it”, he says.

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