Brexit negotiations continue: “It is impossible to predict the outcome”

The British and Europeans are continuing tough negotiations on Monday to try to find a post-Brexit agreement, decisive hours after months of deadlock in order to avoid a failure with serious economic consequences. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will take stock of these two additional days of discussions that began on Sunday in the evening, a “new effort” which is like a last chance.

The outcome of the talks, until late at night from Sunday to Monday, remains uncertain. “It would be premature” to speak of progress at this stage, a European source indicated on Sunday evening. “It is impossible to predict the outcome,” said another source close to the discussions.

“My instinct tells me it’s 50/50, I don’t think we can be too optimistic,” Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin said on the RTE channel.

The European negotiator Michel Barnier started early Monday, around 7:45 am, an information point in front of the ambassadors of the Twenty-Seven. Mr Barnier was then to do the same with the group of MEPs who are monitoring the dossier.

Negotiators are working under the inexorable pressure of the timetable as a possible trade agreement – of more than 700 pages – will still have to be ratified by the British and European parliaments before entering into force on January 1.

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