British scientists claim that these two anti-inflammatories reduce the risk of death in severe coronavirus patients

They say it is effective in a quarter of patients with a real risk of dying from coronavirus and could save hundreds of lives.

Two medications: tocilizumab and sarilumab, could reduce the risk of death in severe coronavirus patients. The negative is that cost of each of these substances is quite high. Together, however, they are cheaper than intensive care in hospitals or clinics.

The information on these two drugs comes from a group of UK scientists. The experts took into account the before and after figures they conducted the trials with these two drugs.

First, without tocilizumab and sarilumab, of 800 patients admitted to ICUs, one 36% died. While, after they started using the doses of drugs mentioned, the figure dropped to 27 percent.

« For every 12 patients you treat with these drugs, you would hope to save a life. It’s a big effect, » said Anthony Gordon, principal investigator of the Imperial College London, as published by the BBC.

Application and effect on coronavirus

The cited agency states that the administration of both drugs is drip. They also claim that it has an effect similar to that of dexamethasone.

« The fact that there is now another drug that can help reduce the mortality of covid-19 patients is very welcome news and another positive development in the ongoing fight against the virus, » celebrated Stephen Powis, NHS National Medical Director.

Health professionals explained that this drug stops inflammation that can accelerate in severe patients with coronavirus. Thus, damage to the lungs and other organs attacked by the virus is prevented.

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