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Last Monday it was reported that Bruce Willis, by not wearing a mask, was expelled from a pharmacy. A person who saw him inside the establishment mentioned that the people inside were quite upset with himas he was wearing a bandana around his neck, but there was no indication of a sanitary mask (via BBC and Page Six).

bruce willis maskBruce Willis regrets not wearing a mask.

Immediately after the incident was made known, some photographs of the actor went viral on Twitter, looking quite fresh and relaxed, without complying with the measures. The images were widely criticized by Internet users, who reproached him for his carelessness.

The truth is that the interpreter of Hard to kill was quite quick at the time of dissipating the claims, because on January 12 an article appeared in People magazine. There, the following statement from Willis was included:

It was an error in judgment. Everyone be safe out there and let’s continue putting on the mask. “

That simple As simple as that. Without adding anything else, the action star acknowledged the error in his actions, even more so when The increase in cases in Los Angeles – the region where everything happened – is alarming, since it advances exponentially, already exceeding 930,000 infections.

bruce willis maskBruce Willis was caught leaving a Los Angeles pharmacy without a mask.

Although Bruce Willis did not wear a mask that day, he has already been seen wearing a mask along with his family in photos, so it could have been that it was only a slip. After all, John McClane himself would not succumb so easily to the effects of a tiny virus.

Bruce Willis covid-19 mask

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