Bulma, Videl and Android 18 become Saiyan warriors in this brutal fan art

Due to the immense expansion of the Universes in Dragon Ball, and the integration of different realities in Akira Toriyama’s franchise, we must assume that there is a version in which women take control of the situation and protect (or invade) the Earth. .

At least that’s what this illustration by a talented Twitter user suggests. Three of the most important women in Dragon Ball dress in the Saiyan costume and according to what he reviews Spaghetti Codethey look more powerful than Goku and Vegeta.

Can you imagine that happening? At first it would be something interesting, but more members would have to be added to make up the Z Warriors.

The design is made by a user who on Twitter is as @Pink_mousse. It mostly illustrates Dragon Ball content that combines the erotic, the canon, and crossovers, spin-offs, or different realities from what we saw in the series.

Bulma, Videl and 18 as Saiyans

In Pink_mousse’s illustration there is no Super Saiyan transformation. There are only these three women with the typical costumes that the race used when responding to Freeza’s orders.

Videl is wearing an outfit identical to the one Bardock wore and is holding a tracker in her hands. Bulma takes the same one from her husband, Vegeta, when he goes to invade Earth and takes the dragon radar with him. While Android Number 18 is wearing the same outfit with which Krillin fights on the planet Namekuseí, in the Frieza arc.