Bundesliga: Lewandowski: “We knew we would beat Bara, some said it would be 1-5”

Bundesliga The Pole also thinks he should have won the Ballon d’Or

In the changing room of Bayern Munich were convinced that they could defeat the Bara. In fact, the verb defeat falls short. What was cooking between the players was much more ambitious. Has revealed it Robert Lewandowski in an interview for the Polish media Onet: “Before the game, We knew we would win Bara. Some even said it would be 5-1, but 8-2 is a different result. “

Such was the trust within Bayern that through the heads of the players passed the thrashing to the Barcelona team. They did not doubt the victory, but the number of times he entered Ter Stegen in his goalkeeper to pick up the ball … “Before the game against Bara, Gnabry and Kimmich did not ask me if we won the match, but if we won the Champions League. I answered yes“.

Lewandowski, the competition’s top scorer with 15 targets, had no doubts when asked who should have won the new Golden Ball: “Me. We won everything that could be won, I was the one who scored the most goals in all competitions. I think that if a player achieves that much, he should win that prize“.

The Polish striker also referred to the interest he aroused in the Real Madrid in the past: “During that time I felt the support of Bayern, which perhaps at another time I would have missed a bit. In the end, I trusted the club project“.