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Burger King, farsighted. The creativity it is – specifically – a process structured by divergent thinking that leads to unexplored paths that are fantastic for others. It is closely linked to innovation, but it is not synonymous with it. For the advertisements it is indispensable.

Today’s ads seek to be creative as a priority that sets them apart from the rest, but not all succeed. The following 10 ads exceed expectations, so we invite you to know them, the brands and the agencies behind them.

For example, the new Burger King campaign that arrives before tragedies occur like in 2020, the brand has toyed with the idea that someone should send one of their burgers to the future in the campaign “Whopper to the Future”, the hand of the advertising agency Buzzman, France.

In the style of Back To The Future, technological artifacts appear on top of the hamburger, simulating that it will be sent to some specific time of 2030.

Advertiser: Burger King

Agency: Buzzman, France.

Bell: “Whopper to the Future”

Advertiser: Valencia CF

Agency: En casa

Bell: Secret Santa Valencia CF X PUMA

Advertiser:All plants

Agency: SNAP LDN

Bell: We’re all plants. You don’t have to be.

Advertiser: WhatsApp


Bell: Family diary



Bell: Probably the best beer in the world



Bell: Dogs Give Everything 100%

Advertiser: Budweiser


Bell: Kings aren’t made overnight

Advertiser: Luminor

Agency:Bechtle & Milzarajs

Bell:The biggest Pouring of Luck ever

Advertiser: Jif


Bell:Gladiator school

Advertiser: Farmdrop

Agency: Hell Yeah!

Bell: Working from Home

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