Bus falls on viaduct; there are 16 dead

A serious accident occurred in the state of Minas, where a bus fell into the void and 16 people died and 27 more were injured

| 12/04/2020 |
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Sao Paulo.- At least 16 people died and 27 were injured this Friday after the bus in which they were traveling crashed into space from a viaduct in the state of Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil, official sources reported.

The serious accident occurred around 1:20 p.m. local time (16:20 GMT) on the bridge of a two-way federal highway, near the municipality of Joao monlevade, according to the Federal Highway Police and the Fire Department.

The bus, which apparently was not authorized to transport passengers and had an Alagoas (northeast) license plate, fell from a height of 23 meters for causes that are under investigation, according to an analysis carried out by experts from the Civil Police.

Brazilian authorities explained that 12 people died at the accident site and 4 more died when they were transferred to the hospital.

Among the injured, a father and his two minor children are in « quite serious » condition and were taken to a hospital in the regional capital, Belo Horizonte, about 117 kilometers away from where the accident occurred.

According to the preliminary investigation, there were at least 46 people on the bus, of which 6 managed to jump before the vehicle fell off the viaduct.

So far there are several hypotheses about the cause of the accident narrated by eyewitnesses.

The main one is that the bus was going up the road, when it lost traction – apparently caused by the loss of the brakes – and began to reverse until it hit the side protection of the viaduct and fell into the void, according to Pedro Aihara. , spokesman for the Fire Department of Minas Gerais.

According to images released by TV Globo, the impact of the bus against a railroad that passed under the bridge generated a small fire that was quickly extinguished by the firefighters who went to the premises to help the victims.

The bus, which belonged to a company called Localima Turismo, had left the town of Mata Grande, in Alagoas, on Thursday morning, and was heading for Sao Paulo.

This is the second serious accident to occur on the roads of Brazil in just over a week.

On Wednesday of last week, a bus carrying around 50 workers from a textile company collided with a truck in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo (southeast), in an accident that left 42 dead.

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